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Project Engineer

Mhall_headshot 2.png

Morgan is a hardworking, insightful project engineer who has experience with supporting a variety of building and construction projects. She knows the importance of maintaining excellent partner relationships and is extremely organized which helps keep her projects on track. 

As a Project Engineer at DCI, Morgan is responsible for helping with the daily management of construction and development projects including setting up vendor meetings, engaging local municipalities as needed, maintaining project schedules, keeping detailed project records and assisting in preparing for new project proposals. She works closely with all key stakeholders before and during projects to ensure they run smoothly and on schedule. 

Morgan has the right combination of engineering knowledge, organizational skills and project management abilities to excel as a project engineer. She communicates well with her own team as well as clients and her project experience to date enables her to confidently approach every new project with DCI. 

Morgan holds a bachelor’s degree in building science with a concentration in construction management as well as a Bachelor of Arts in interior design, both from Appalachian State University.  

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