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We offer a comprehensive scope of services for all development and constructions projects. Our areas of expertise are focused specifically on due diligence and development services, preconstruction and construction services. 

Due Diligence
Due Diligence & Development Services
  • Evaluate site for development feasibility

  • Coordinate and direct consultants and design professionals

  • Coordinate entitlement process

  • Review all existing due diligence materials

  • Analyze for scope gaps and recommend additional requirements

  • Manage schedule and process for all due diligence activities

  • Provide design recommendation

  • Collaborate on site layouts for best utilization of site area

  • Review & report on due diligence investigation

  • Help prepare documents for entitlement process

  • Provide preliminary budgets

  • Direct & manage team members as required

  • Manage submittals process to required authorities

  • Collect final due diligence materials and provide summary report of findings

  • Provide insights on construction market, site plan design, macro building designs, assembly costs, site design costs and project timelines

  • Produce budget estimates and building descriptions

  • Assist in negotiating and hiring general contractors

  • Review project proforma and provide recommendation

  • Secure architecture and engineering firms as needed

  • Review related vendor contracts and scopes of work

  • Manage design process

  • Collaborate with General Contractor to prepare for construction

  • Provide costs analysis and design concepts

  • Make recommendations for best practices and cost effectiveness

  • Secure permits and approval

  • Manage surety process

  • Coordinate utility providers

  • Coordinate between architect and engineer, contractor and subcontractors as appropriate

  • Provide insight on schedule, field issues, design changes, etc.

  • Manage and track RFI process

  • Oversee submittal process between contractor and designers

  • Coordinate all submittals and check for concurrence with design documents

  • Facilitate project build out of public utility infrastructure

  • Manage Commissioning Agents and Project Turnover

  • Manage Tenant/Owner vendors (furniture, structured cabling, IT, security, equipment, etc.)


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